The Childrens Swimming Aid

Flubble - The Childrens Swimming Aid.

Innovative aid for teaching children to swim

Splashtastic swim school have been using the Flubble for some time now, and we are very happy with the results. More importantly, the kids love it. What appeals to us the most is that the children's arm movements are not restricted, they do not need to hold on to it, and it helps to provide a lovely, correct, body position which so many find hard to obtain - a truly innovative design for a swimming flotation aid. We have found it an invaluable aid for teaching children to swim, and it is also proving very useful; for child and adult alike, for teaching the more difficult strokes like Butterfly.

What a great invention!

What a great invention! I have been teaching swimming for many years and have tried all the usual aids, woggles, arm bands, body belts, rubber rings, the list is endless. I saw it advertised in the swimming times and gave it a try, and sure enough it does the trick. The child takes about 20 minutes to get used to the feel and balance and then with a little assistance he/she can achieve the prone swimming position with ease. This is very quickly followed by ‘doggy paddle’. Slow deflation over the weeks and the child will progress with the strokes. It works on the tummy for supine swimming as well!!

My son, absolutely loved the Flubble

Our swimming on Sunday was a huge success! My son absolutely loved the Flubble and he was swimming beautifully with it. I had to force him out of the pool in the end. A truly wonderful bit of kit - we are off swimming again tomorrow.

I can't recommend it highly enough

My son had not been in the pool for a very long time, but with the Flubble on his back he was confidently jumping in and swimming in the deep end within minutes. He gave no second thought to it but just did what comes naturally in the water when not hampered by fear. One of the many advantages of the Flubble is that it enables the swimmer to float in a natural swimming position, unlike arm bands which not only hamper arm movements but also force the swimmer to float vertically. Flubble encourages horizontal swimming position, leaving the arms free to move the body through the water - exactly how non-assisted swimmers move. I can't recommend it highly enough.